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Dr. Kole Krasniqi, at East Ridge Family Dentistry is your experienced, locally-practicing affordable dentist in St. Joseph, Missouri, is also a family dentist in St. Joseph. East Ridge Family Dentistry and your St. Joseph dentist provides full-service dentistry for adults and age-appropriate dental hygiene education and dental care for toddlers, children and teenagers--learn about dental services and activities available for children at our practice. Parents are invited to bring the whole family to our St. Joseph dental practice for regular dental care and expertise in resolving long-term dental problems including dental misalignment, dealing with braces, extractions, implantation, or a wide range of general dental services and specialized dental care for adults and older adults as well.

At East Ridge Family Dentistry, we are here to treat the entire family. You may contact East Ridge Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment or to inquire about particular dental services. You may call your family dentist in St. Joseph at East Ridge Family Dentistry (816-671-9550) as well.

Your Family Dentist in St. Joseph Provides Full-Service Dentistry

East Ridge Family Dentistry, and your dentist in St. Joseph, Missouri, serves local patients, patients from northwestern Missouri, and patients from northeaster Kansas. Dr. Krasniqi provides a wide range dental services and dental procedures in several main service categories. East Ridge Family Dentistry offers patients General Dentistry services and procedures, general hygiene procedures, dental and oral health/disease screenings, general exams, checkups, and additional Preventative Dental Care Services.

Dr. Krasniqi can assist adult patients who have endured years or even decades of problems. Dr. Krasniqi evaluates adults for a baseline for care and in consultation with patients, will determine the best course of treatment. Many types of procedures available to adults are permanent dental procedures, although some procedures are purely cosmetic, such as teeth whitening. Your dentist in St. Joseph, Missouri, offers full-service dentistry and dental care for adults. Adults may wish to take advantage of Cosmetic Dentistry Services--learn more about Cosmetic Dentistry Services from your dentist in St. Joseph, Missouri), of which many types of treatment are permanent or are considered permanent cosmetic services offer practical benefit as well, and this where Cosmetic Dentistry Services and Restorative Dentistry Services, along with permanent adult Orthodontic Services, are permanent restoration work to resolve long-term dental problems or provide patients an alternative to weakening, compromised teeth that continue to worsen over the years.

Specific examples of these type of procedures include determining a course of action to resolve dental misalignment. Dr. Krasniqi treats adult dental misalignment with three options, some of which are more affordable for our local patients, but depending on the situation, the preferred treatment course could be conventional braces, Powerprox®, or the industry-standard replacement for conventional braces, the completely customized course of treatment, Invisalign® in St. Joseph. For patients with mild to moderate, long-term dental misalignment, your Invisalign® Clear Braces dentist in St. Joseph will perform exacting measurements throughout the treatment process in order to create custom molds. The molds are used to create your customized dental aligners which are fitted for two or three weeks. Then, patients come in for new measurements and new custom aligners. The progressive, continuous pressure slowly moves your teeth into a better alignment with the goal of realigning teeth over about a 12-month to 18-month of treatment regimen.

Dr. Krasniqi, your dentist in St. Joseph, also offers Powerprox Six Month Braces® and conventional braces. Invisalign® Clear Braces or other Orthodontic treatments, or other Restorative Dentistry Services, may require some form of oral surgery, bone grafts, extractions (only when absolutely necessary), root canals or dental implants to be fully effective, but that is only for patients in dire need.

Affordable Financing Options with Dental Insurance Policies Accepted by Your Dentist in St. Joseph, Missouri

In 2016, Dr. Krasniqi and East Ridge Family Dentistry accept many major dental insurance policies. We accept many PPOs and national insurance policies. East Ridge Family Dentistry accepts dental insurance policies from leading national insurance companies such as Aetna, Ameritas, Assurant, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City, Cigna, Connection Dental, Delta Dental, Guardian, Humana, MetLife, Principal, United Concordia, or United Healthcare.

Adults always have service and payment options with East Ridge Family Dentistry and your dentist in St. Joseph, Missouri. You may review financing options for dental services available from your St. Joseph dentist; and, we would like to let you know that we will work with your and/or your dental insurer to assist you with paying for dental services that you need. Please do not hold off on services that you need. Your dental and oral health do affect your overall health, so, please take your dental care seriously.

Contact Your Affordable Family Dentist in St. Joseph, Missouri

Whether you just need a dentist for general oral hygiene and check-ups, or it is time deal with dental misalignment, missing teeth, or other problems that you have suffered through for years, or even for decades, then it is time to visit a highly-skilled, yet affordable dentist in St. Joseph at East Ridge Family Dentistry in St. Joseph. You may schedule appointments online at East Ridge Family Dentistry, or you can use the options online for Existing Patients and New Patients.

You can rely on local, compassionate dental care at East Ridge Family Dentistry and from Dr. Krasniqi, your family dentist in St. Joseph, Missouri. Deciding on a dentist can result in a long-term relationship, so be sure to consider choosing not only a local St. Joseph dentist, but one with skill and expertise with the various types of dental services you may expect, as well as quick service for those times when you need a dentist for dental procedures and the occasional emergency situation. Dr. Krasniqi is a local dentist in St. Joseph, Missouri, whom you can rely on for qualifications, skill, expertise, and a willingness to assist patients in determining the most effective course of dental treatment individually. Each patient offers unique dental challenges, and we want each and every patient to know that you can discuss any dental or oral health issue that is negatively impacting your life. We are here to help and to provide each patient with affordable treatment options.

Currently, East Ridge Family Dentistry is accepting new dental patients from all over northwestern Missouri or northeastern Kansas. You may contact East Ridge Family Dentistry regarding scheduling, or about available dental services, or about our advanced dental treatment capabilities. You may call your dentist in St. Joseph, Missouri, at 816-671-9550.

The East Ridge Family Dentistry team looks forward to meeting you!

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