Are You Looking for a St. Joseph Dentist for Yourself or Your Family?

St. Joseph Dentist at East Ridge Family Dentistry Is Accepting Patients

Local St. Joseph dentist, Dr. Kole Krasniqi along with his dental team, at East Ridge Family Dentistry are currently accepting adult patients and any dental patients from your family. At East Ridge Family Dentistry, we are accepting individual patients from around the region to entire families including toddlers and youth--learn about our dental services and amenities for kids--to teenagers, young adults, parents, and adults of all ages for general dental care services, hygiene procedures, screenings, exams, checkups, Preventative Dental Care Services, adult Cosmetic Dentistry Services, adult Restorative Dentistry Services, adult Orthodontic Services (completely customized Invisalign Clear Braces, Powerprox Six Month Braces or conventional metal braces if this is the best option for the situation), oral surgery, dental extractions, dentures, bone grafting for dental implants, gentle root canals, and many additional dental services. At East Ridge Family Dentistry, we are here to treat the entire family.

You may contact East Ridge Family Dentistry to set up a first visit and consultation or about scheduling appointments in general. If you need more information about particular services than you can find on our website, then please get in touch with us for answers to your questions. You may call East Ridge Family Dentistry in St. Joseph at 816-671-9550 in order to schedule an appointment with a professional, skilled, local St. Joseph dentist dedicated to a practice of serving patients from St. Joseph as well as our neighbors from nearby towns, communities and counties.

Local Practice, Dental Expertise, and Full-Service Dentistry from a St. Joseph Dentist

Whether you need the basics such as general teeth cleaning, checkups, dental X-rays, permanent restoration dentistry work, permanent cosmetic procedures, permanent treatment or dental misalignment, dentures, implant dentures, treatment of oral disease, cancer screenings, or other full-service dentistry procedures, you can rely on your local St. Joseph dentist for a practice dedicated to local care combined with advanced dental treatment options. Whether you need basic services or you need advanced treatment options and solutions, we utilize expertise, attention to the details, advanced Dental Technology, and of course more than treatment option or solution to problems whenever we possibly can. Dr. Krasniqi, along with his staff here at our dentist's office, are dedicated to delivering full-service dental care for local patients as well as for patients willing to drive to St. Joseph for dental treatment options.

If you are looking for a local dentist, with local training in the Midwest, who is dedicated to delivering an excellent level of care to each and every patient, then be sure to consider East Ridge Family Dentistry as your dentist's office. We do offer a wide range of services for youth, children and teens, but some of our full-service dental options are limited to adults depending on the patient's situation as well as practicality in treatment.

We invite any of our neighbors from St. Joseph, or from nearby communities and counties in Missouri, such as from Savannah, Cosby, Gomer, Faucett, Dearborn, King City, Mound City, Easton, Albany, Cameron, Clarksdale, Forest City, Stewartsville, Osborn, Union Star, Maryville, Conception, or Chillicothe, to make the short drive to St. Joseph to seek dental services or dental treatment options from a local St. Joseph dentist. Of course, if you happen to live in the northern Kansas City suburbs, or on the Kansas side of the Missouri River in Wathena, Troy, Elwood, Atchison, Leavenworth, or other towns, you are invited to visit us at East Ridge Family Dentistry as well. Also, you can learn more about East Ridge Family Dentistry online at our company website.

New Patients can set up an account to schedule appointments online with East Ridge Family Dentistry. In order to speed up the paperwork process for your first visit, feel free to feel out our standard forms including Patient History, HIPAA release form, and the other couple of forms.

Contact Your Local, Experienced, St. Joseph Dentist, Dr. Krasniqi

Regardless of the specific types of dental service(s) you or your family requires, you can rely on local, compassionate care from the staff at East Ridge Family Dentistry in St. Joseph, MO. Choosing a local St. Joseph dentist provides quick access for local dental care and procedures, and Dr. Krasniqi brings expertise in a variety of procedures and dental technologies to treat the specific needs of all of our patients.

We are accepting new patients from northwestern Missouri and from communities in Kansas. You may contact East Ridge Family Dentistry about appointment scheduling, about our services, or about our treatment capabilities. You may call us in St. Joseph, MO, at 816-671-9550.

The East Ridge Family Dentistry team looks forward to meeting you!

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