Adult Patients Requiring Orthodontic Treatment May Opt for Customized Invisalign in St. Joseph, Missouri

Invisalign Dentist in St. Joseph at East Ridge Family Dentistry

Dr. Kole Krasniqi and his dental office team offer adult patients a range of options for treating misaligned teeth that may have been negatively impacting your life for decades. Adults who are searching for options for braces to treat upper or lower mouth dental alignment problems can choose the industry-standard Invisalign Clear Braces available along with other treatment regimens and dental services available direct from East Ridge Family Dentistry in St. Joseph, MO, Invisalign from your St. Joseph dentist or from another dentist has really become the industry standard treatment options for most types of long-term dental misalignment problems for a variety of reasons.

Invisalign for St. Joseph adult patients, or for patients from any of our neighboring towns and counties, is one of several types of Orthodontic Services (e.g. Invisalign Clear Braces, Powerprox Six Month Braces or conventional metal braces) available to customers of East Ridge Family Dentistry. A couple of main advantages of Invisalign Clear Braces is complete customization of the treatment regimen, the use of custom-molded, clear removable aligners, and progressive molds made about ever 2-3 weeks based on precise measurements made by your dentist. Your dentist, specifically Dr. Krasniqi, will perform your periodic, progressive measurements and will also make the molds or aligners that are unique to you, and unique at the particular point of progress in your overall treatment regimen.

Retuning patients or adults interested in a first consultation about any services, or specifically about Invisalign in St. Joseph, may contact East Ridge Family Dentistry about appointments and service options--learn more about East Ridge Family Dentistry--or, you may call us in East Ridge Family Dentistry in St. Joseph at 816-671-9550 to schedule an appointment with your experienced, skilled, local practice dentist Dr. Kole Krasniqi.

Treating Adult Dental Misalignment Issues with Custom Invisalign in St. Joseph

Besides the industry standard treatment regimen for adult dental patients over the last couple of decades or so, Invisalign Clear Braces are extremely popular Orthodontic treatment products for a variety of reasons. First, when you meet with Dr. Krasniqi to discuss your long-term lower and/or upper mouth dental alignment issues, problems that may have negatively impacted your life since your adult teeth came in during your teens, he will consult with you on the general treatment options, your expectations, the likelihood of effective resolution of your dental alignment problems--please note that some dental alignment problems and or related trauma may be beyond the scope of effective Invisalign treatment--how the customization process works, how the molds or removable aligners are custom-made at the dentist's office specifically for each individual patient's teeth and the alignment at that specific time, and how the progressive molds produce continual pressure to gradually, yet effectively move your teeth into more proper alignment over your treatment process.

The removable aligners eliminate most of the dental hygiene issues related to older styles metal braces with bands and wires since you may remove your aligners for sleep, meals, drinking, or as needed. Additionally, each custom-mold is specifically fitted for you at each part of the treatment course. The average treatment regimen does last about 12 to 18 months. This treatment course is completely dependent upon each patient's specific dental situation and the severity of your dental misalignment of upper and lower teeth. Most patients find complete customization, the use of low-profile, unobtrusive, removable clear aligners, and continuing progressive molds effect and pain-free, although some patients may experience some discomfort with new mold fittings.

East Ridge Family Dentistry would like to let you know that choosing Invisalign from St. Joseph's Dr. Krasniqi is probably a very good decision if you have noticeable teeth misalignment issues. We offer this permanent Orthodontic treatment options to our adult patients who are glad to have options. Invisalign Clear Braces are a permanent dental treatment regimen.

We do offer additional Orthodontic Services which include conventional metal braces because sometimes they really are necessary, and we also offer Powerprox Six Month Braces as treatment options. We would like to let our adult patients know that utilizing Invisalign Clear Braces is permanent and offers both permanent restoration dental solutions as well as cosmetic dental benefits--you can learn more about our Restorative Dentistry Services, or learn about our Cosmetic Dentistry Services, or learn about the kinds of Dental Technology that we employ for a variety of procedures. We also offer adult patients, teens, youth, kids and toddlers full-service dental care as well including a wide range of standard Preventative Dental Care Services.

Dentist Accepts Patients for General Services and Invisalign in St. Joseph

East Ridge Family Dentistry is currently accepting new patients including individual adults and entire families. If you live in St. Joseph or you live nearby in communities in Kansas (e.g. Atchison, Elwood, Wathena, Troy, or Leavenworth), or from surrounding small towns or nearby counties in Missouri, you are welcome to visit our dentist's office. Adult patients able to travel for dental services or for Invisalign in St. Joseph who live in Savannah, King City, Mound City, Cameron, Dearborn, Faucett, Clarksdale, Easton, Union Star, Osborn, Cosby, Gomer, Maryville, Chillicothe, Conception, Stewartsville, Albany, Forest City, or elsewhere including from the northern Kansas City suburbs, are welcome to visit East Ridge Family Dentistry.

You may contact East Ridge Family Dentistry about scheduling appointments or about our services. You may call East Ridge Family Dentistry in St. Joseph at 816-671-9550 to set up an appointment or feel free to schedule an appointment online.

The East Ridge Family Dentistry team looks forward to meeting you!

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