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Affordable Dentist in St. Joseph Provides Full-Service Dentistry Options

East Ridge Family Dentistry in St. Joseph, MO, is staffed by a team of experienced dentist's office personnel as well by Dr. Kole Krasniqi, a locally-trained dentist with a local practice that caters to the specific needs of rural Missouri and Kansas patients. Dr. Krasniqi offers a wide range of affordable, general dentistry, checkups, exams, screenings, dental hygiene procedures, as well as services, procedures, and longer-term treatment courses or regimens to resolve permanently a wide range of considerably difficult dental misalignment issues, weakened or compromised teeth, worn down, chipped, cracked, or teeth that have partially failed for instance. With expertise in a wide range of classes of dental services, Dr. Krasniqi can deliver services to resolve many of the long-term problems adults face later in life. Whether you have had recent trauma that has damaged teeth, or you have finally decided to deal with long-term teeth misalignment problems that may have been negatively impacting your life since your adult teeth have come in during your teen age years, we would like to let you know that most likely East Ridge Family Dentistry can offer treatment methods and techniques to resolve long-term many types of dental problems.

East Ridge Family Dentistry is currently accepting new adult patients from throughout our region including from nearby towns and counties in Missouri and in Kansas as well. You may contact East Ridge Family Dentistry about scheduling an appointment or for information about available services. Adults may reach us at 816-671-9550 in St. Joseph, MO.

Major Dental Services, Restoration and Cosmetic Procedures and General Dentistry Services Are Available from an Affordable Dentist in St. Joseph

East Ridge Family Dentistry offers adult patients full-service dentistry options in several main product categories--we do also offer general care and additional procedures for toddlers, youth and teen agers as well (learn about our dental services and amenities for kids). We can assist adult patients with services including general dental care, hygiene care and procedures, screenings, exams, checkups and related options. Our main service categories include: Preventative Dental Care Services, Restorative Dentistry Services, Cosmetic Dentistry Services, Orthodontic Services including the completely customized Invisalign Clear Braces system, Powerprox Six Month Braces or conventional metal braces), and options using the latest advances in Dental Technology. We encourage you to take a few minutes to learn more about East Ridge Family Dentistry.

Currently, East Ridge Family Dentistry is accepting new patients from nearby towns and counties. If you are in driving distance of our dentist's office in St. Joseph, then you are invited to come to our office for a first visit and consultation regarding whatever dental problems are currently causing you problems. We accept patients from Kansas communities, from Atchison, Elwood, Wathena, Troy, or Leavenworth, or from the northern Kansas City suburbs as well. If you happen to live in Missouri communities nearby such as Savannah, Maryville, Cameron, Chillicothe, Mound City, Forest City, Dearborn, Faucett, Maryville, Conception, Stewartsville, Albany, King City, Clarksdale, Easton, Union Star, Osborn, Cosby, Gomer, or elsewhere, then feel free to set up an appointment with East Ridge Family Dentistry.

Schedule a Visit with East Ridge Family Dentistry (Financing Options Are Available)

If you decide to try out East Ridge Family Dentistry, you may want to go ahead and take some time to visit our website: East Ridge Family Dentistry. You can learn about our general services, specialized care services in various categories, as well as learn about our staff of professionals, our advanced dental technology solutions, and about our facilities.

We hope that East Ridge Family Dentistry provides superior dental services from your affordable dentist in St. Joseph. We also provide our customers with affordable dental procedures. We hope the combination of affordability along with the many financing options that we accept, PPOs, major insurance plans and policy will be enough of a solution to prevent problems with seeking the care of your local, experienced dentist at East Ridge Family Dentistry. We do realize that many adults will let minor dental problems turn into worse situations, such as the need for an extraction, an infected tooth, or teeth or gum deterioration that may take days, weeks or longer to resolve if not treated in an opportune and timely manner. We do not want our patients to avoid seeking dental care that you need just because of concerns about paying for the services.

East Ridge Family Dentistry works with many PPOs, specific insurance companies, as well as a wide range of specific insurance plans and policies. Additional insurance options as of early 2016 that we accept include: Aetna, Ameritas, Assurant, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City, Cigna, Connection Dental, Delta Dental, Guardian, Humana, MetLife, Principal, United Concordia, and United Healthcare.

Adults always have options for service and paying for services rendered by Dr. Krasniqi and East Ridge Family Dentistry. You may review your dental service financing options with your affordable dentist in St. Joseph, Dr. Krasniqi before you come in for your dental services. We do our best to give our patients options including for long-term care regimens or treatment courses, such as financing dental implantations or for Orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign Clear Braces. Whatever your situation, be sure to take advantage of your available options at East Ridge Family Dentistry. You do not have to avoid dental care just because your immediate financing ability is a factor in your decision-making.

Get Logged into East Ridge Family Dentistry

New Patients may set up an account with East Ridge Family Dentistry to schedule your first visit consultation/appointment online with East Ridge Family Dentistry. In order to speed up the paperwork process at the dentist's office for your first visit, feel free to fill out our set of standard forms including: our Patient Information form' our Medical History form, our Financial Responsibility form, and the HIPAA Consent form. You may also FAX your completed information and consent forms to our office at 816-817-0504.

Existing Patients may login to your account with East Ridge Family Dentistry to update information, print out forms again if you need to fill them out, or to schedule appointments as needed. If you need to send us a FAX, send us updated patient or consent forms, or you need to send us other records, you may reach our office FAX line at 816-817-0504.

Contact East Ridge Family Dentistry

Contact East Ridge Family Dentistry to schedule a consultation about your dental issues with Dr. Krasniqi, your affordable dentist in St. Joseph, MO. Adults may call us at 816-671-9550 in St. Joseph, MO.

The East Ridge Family Dentistry team looks forward to meeting you!

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