About East Ridge Family Dentistry

We’ve designed our practice with the goal of providing a relaxed, judgment-free environment where every patient feels respected, comfortable, and completely in control of his or her dental treatment.

Every smile is unique, and we believe that it’s our responsibility to help you learn about your oral health so you can make wise, well-informed decisions for your smile. We will never pressure you into receiving treatments you don’t want or need, and we will always be open with you about all of your treatment options.

Modern, Comfortable Amenities

Comfortable Dental Amenities - East Ridge Family Dentistry

Dr. Krasniqi and our team at East Ridge Family Dentistry haven’t forgotten what it’s like to be a patient, so we always take the time to help you feel at ease in our care. We’ve even equipped our office with modern amenities to make it feel a little more like home:

  • Beverage Station
  • Toys & Video Games for Kids
  • TVs in Treatment Rooms
  • Pillows & Blankets

Our Commitment to Cleanliness & Safety

We abide by all ADA and OSHA standards to make our St. Joseph dental practice a clean and safe place for patients of all ages. Not only do we thoroughly sanitize each room between patients, but we also have a dedicated sterilization area where every instrument is sterilized prior to your visit. We even perform routine spore testing through an independent third-party laboratory to ensure that all of our sterilization equipment is working properly.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Patient Testimonials

I first came into Kole Krasniqi’s office last year with pain throughout my mouth, from broken teeth to major cavities. I was embarrassed about my smile and found opportunities to hide it as much as possible. Within two months between initial consult and restorative procedures my smile became the most important thing I wanted to show. One year later I have no pain and a beautiful smile! The professional and personal care I received at Dr. Kole Krasniqi’s is the biggest reason I remain here.

— E.H.

Dr. Kole explains what needs to be done, why and how it will benefit my teeth long-term. He is just amazing; fixed a broken tooth, quickly with no pain! With bad experiences with dentists in the past, I had neglected my teeth - No more fear! The staff here are courteous, happy, friendly and all are very knowledgeable! Thanks so much Dr. Kole!!

— G.H.

Our family loves the staff at East Ridge Family Dentistry! My 3 kids actually look forward to their appointments. Cavity fillings were pain free—all smiles and NO tears—and they each got to pick out a toy!

— J.G.

I really like the care I receive here! They are always good with my two boys. We have been coming here for several years now. Our dentist is really good with my boys—they aren’t afraid to come. The hygienist is always helpful and telling us how we can better care for our teeth. They are always encouraging. Really happy with our care!

— C.S.

I went 42 years without seeing a dentist. After finding East Ridge I feel comfortable with dentist visits. The staff are fantastic. Dr. Kole has a great bed side manner and does excellent work. He has given me a beautiful and sexy smile.

— M.C.

I now after several years have a beautiful smile. I am so pleased with the work that Dr. Krasniqi and his staff do. There is never a bad experience.

— S.B.

East Ridge Family Dentistry is my family’s choice for all our dental needs. Dr. Krasniqi is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain procedures to help set your mind at ease. The staff is very friendly and treats all their patients like family! They take the fear out of going to the dentist!

— R.A.

The staff is so friendly yet very professional. The staff is always attentive and personal. I would recommend them to any and everyone!

— T.G.

I like how nice all the nurses at this office are. They’re all very friendly just like the doctor here. Everyone here is very welcoming too!

— M.K.

My husband and I both had horror stories from previous dental experiences—NOT ANYMORE! Dr. K and his staff are AMAZING! From basic cleanings and whitening processes all the way to root canals and bridges, I would tell EVERYONE to come to East Ridge. The entire office is friendly, helpful and keep a normally anxiety provoking experience pain-free and relaxed. Thanks Dr. K for helping us smile again!

— K. & D. Harris

Dr. K and his staff have a special touch. I have a 9 year old autistic grandson that has had quite a bit of work done on his teeth and they have handled him so awesomely that he actually looks forward to going to the dentist. I would just like to thank each and everyone in this office for their efforts.

— C.T.H.