Teeth Whitening Service – In-office or take home kits

Get professional teeth whitening at our dental practice in St. Joseph, MO or take home a convenient kit with professional strength whitening gel and a tray custom fit to your mouth. Get the results that are lacking from the over the counter do it yourself whitening kits.

Practicing dentistry in the St. Joseph Area for years and has patients that drive in from the surrounding areas of Maryville, Elwood (KS), Cameron, Atchison, and even Chillicothe. Sometimes in rural Missouri patients have trouble finding a dentist that they like. That is why Dr. K takes nearly 3 times as many professional develop trainings than is require by licensing bureaus. At East Ridge we provide top quality care with the latest techniques and materials for your optimal smile.

No Whitening Gimmick Products

You won’t find the gimmick whitening products at our office. We carefully evaluate each product, cross reference with colleagues and national organizations before making the decision to use any material including our whitening products.

Call for Teething Whitening appointment in our St. Joseph Office. 816-671-9550

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