Find Your Family Dentist near Atchison, Kansas, at East Ridge Family Dentistry in St. Joseph, MO

St. Joseph Dentist Is Accepting Patients in Need of a Family Dentist in Atchison, KS

If you are looking for an affordable dentist near Atchison, a family dentist near Elwood, Kansas, or in Troy, Wathena, nearby communities or even a dentist near Leavenworth, then by all means be sure to contact Dr. Kole Krasniqi, your local family dentist in St. Joseph, MO.

East Ridge Family Dentistry is accepting adult patients and their entire families. We accept patients from all over northwestern Missouri and northeastern Kansas, and St. Joseph is a short drive away from Atchison for an experienced local dentist operating a local practice, who can offer you and your family skilled, compassionate and affordable dental care. Adults may take advantage of our full-service dentistry options. We provide toddlers, children and teenagers with age-appropriate care and education as needed and at the right time to help parents with all of those daily tasks associated with good oral and dental health.

If you or your child is in need of dental care of any kind, then be sure to schedule a visit and consultation with Dr. Krasniqi to discuss a wide range of dental problems. At East Ridge Family Dentistry, we treat individual adults and entire families. You may contact East Ridge Family Dentistry to set up an appointment or to inquire about any particular dental services. Also, you may call your family dentist near Atchison, East Ridge Family Dentistry in St. Joseph at 816-671-9550, or to inquire about available services or to schedule an appointment.

Your Family Dentist near Atchison Provides a Wide Range of Full-Service Dentistry Options

East Ridge Family Dentistry, your local dental practice run by a family dentist near Atchison, offer adults full-service dentistry options and we provide dental care for younger members of the family. We offer a wide range of services in most dental practice categories. We offer patients general dental services, exams, hygiene procedures, oral disease screenings, checkups and follow-ups, and additional Preventative Dental Care Services.

We provide Cosmetic Dentistry Services--we offer Cosmetic Dentistry for Atchison--patients (primarily for adults although there may be times when a child or teen may need some work to deal with dental misalignments or similar problems). We encourage adults to learn about our Cosmetic Dentistry Services in St. Joseph), as well as other permanent, Restorative Dentistry Services. For dental misalignment issues, we provide adult Orthodontic Services. Dr. Krasniqi is a skilled Invisalign® dentist in St. Joseph, who offers a treatment regimen that is completely customized for each patient. We also offer Powerprox® Six Month Braces or conventional style metal braces. Dr. Krasniqi perform oral surgeries, dental extractions, measures and fits dentures, performs bone grafts for dental implants, Endodontic root canals, and many other complex services.

We understand that these types of procedures can be expensive enough for people to avoid having the service(s) performed, therefore your St. Joseph dentist, Dr. Krasniqi, offers financing options for dental services. East Ridge Family Dentistry accepts major dental insurance options including PPOs and national dental insurance policies. We are also in-network with many dental insurance providers. East Ridge Family Dentistry accepts dental insurance policies from insurers including Aetna, Ameritas, Assurant, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City, Cigna, Connection Dental, Delta Dental, Guardian, Humana, MetLife, Principal, United Concordia, and United Healthcare.

Be Sure to Take Your Child to Visit East Ridge Family Dentistry and Your Family Dentist near Atchison

Besides offering full-service dentistry for adults, we can provide skilled and compassionate dental care for younger members of your family and it is good to have a dentist close to your home near Atchison for ongoing care, particularly if you child is having issues with baby teeth or with adult teeth when they start to come in the upper and lower mouth. We provide a range of services for younger patients and we do our best to help children feel comfortable when they are at the dreaded dentist's office! We offer ongoing dental check-ups, dental exams, oral health exams, general dental hygiene services for a healthy smile, dental or teeth cleanings, routine cleanings which also allows us to notice problems as or shortly after they start.

East Ridge Family Dentistry, along with your family dentist near Atchison, provides children with diagnostics, diagnosis and treatment of dental misalignment of adult teeth and depending on the situation, for younger patients, and we also resolving thumb and finger sucking which can add to dental misalignment. We also offer X-rays, use of protective dental sealants on teeth, fluoride treatments, customized athletic mouth guards, and additional services.

We are happy to help your child learn good oral and dental hygiene practice that will last a lifetime. Don't forget that a healthy smile in toddlers, youth, and particularly in teens, helps build positive self-esteem, as well as effect dental and oral health and hygiene habits.

Dr. Krasniqi and your dental team at East Ridge Family Dentistry do our best to provide children with a comfortable and non-frightening environment. We understand just how young children can feel about dental visits. We have dental services for children combined with amenities. Our kid-friendly environment here at the office includes books, a game room, an activity table, LED TVs with PlayStations and games, assorted toys, cartoon videos, comfortable chairs, cozy pillows, comforting blankets, and our ever-popular treasure chest full of prizes!

We are here to help parents reinforce daily dental hygiene, and a positive behavior about dental health care. And we do our best to make your child's first visit and follow-up visits comfortable and fun!

For general dental care or specialized, full-service dentistry options for the whole family, be sure to schedule appointments for children and yourself at your East Ridge Family Dentistry, your affordable dentist's office in St. Joseph, MO. Adults can learn more about East Ridge Family Dentistry our dental services, and if you have a particular dental problem and want options, then be sure to let us know. We are here to provide expertise in care and that includes providing our patients with options and solutions to particular dental issues.

Contact Your Affordable Family Dentist near Atchison just Across the Missouri River in St. Joseph

Whether you need a skilled, experienced dentist for your children or you are an adult in need of full-service dentistry options including solutions to long-term issues and permanent cosmetic, Orthodontic or restorative procedures, you can rely on a local, family dentist near Atchison, Elwood, Troy, Wathena, Leavenworth or other nearby communities. Be sure to visit East Ridge Family Dentistry for the dental services that you need or that a child or teenager needs. We are here to help and we offer an extensive range of dental services and solutions to common and long-term dental issues.

Currently, Dr. Krasniqi and East Ridge Family Dentistry are accepting new dental patients from throughout the area. You may contact East Ridge Family Dentistry direct about any scheduling help, to ask about available dental services, or to ask about your options for advanced treatment. You may call us direct in St. Joseph, MO, at 816-671-9550 to schedule an appointment, or feel free to stop by the office to schedule an appointment as well.

The East Ridge Family Dentistry team looks forward to meeting you!

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