Dental Bridges

Dr. Krasniqi in St. Joseph, MO specializes in restorative dentistry and the formulation of dental bridges. Dental bridges combine the best aspects of crowns and partial dentures to literally “bridge” the gap created by one or more missing teeth. In a traditional bridge, the teeth on either side of the missing tooth are shaved down and restored with crowns, which are connected by an artificial tooth that fills the space. With easy home care instructions and a little practice, a bridge will feel like part of your natural smile in no time.

A dental bridge keeps your surrounding teeth in place, making daily activities like eating and speaking easier. Bridges can additionally assist in the preservation your teeth. A lost tooth often times causes the adjacent teeth to loosen or weaken overtime, resulting in further tooth loss.

Eastridge Family Dentistry offers a range of affordable dental bridges created with the latest modern dental technology. Dr. Krasniqi will suggest the bridge that best fits your custom needs, providing 100 percent individualized service.

Do I Need a Bridge?

Missing teeth pose serious risks for the longevity of oral health. Teeth were created to work as a team, when you lose one, the surrounding teeth may shift, tilt, or drift. Shifting teeth affect not only your bite, but they also create more stress on remaining teeth and joints in the jaw causing discomfort, and sometimes even severe pain.

Also, teeth that have become misaligned are much harder to clean, putting them at high risk for gum disease, bacteria invasion, and tooth decay.

Another disadvantage of leaving gaps where teeth are missing is that the bone may deteriorate over time. If that happens, it may change the way the jawbone supports the lips and cheeks, causing the face to sag which makes you appear older.

If you have missing teeth and are considering a bridge, or simply would like more information on Eastridge Family Dentistry restorative dental treatments, call us today at: 816-671-9550.

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